006SCC-06-25-AF , ***DISCONTINUED USE P/N 006EZS-06-25-AF ***

Length 250 mm
Bore 6.6 mm
Operating pressures 900 psi 60 bar
Units Per Package 1
SolventPlus columns are designed for maximum chemical compatibility. Borosilicate glass and PTFE construction, with Chemraz® O-rings and PTFE frits, only the most inert materials are present in the fluid path. ETFE end caps and fitting nuts ensure a chemically inert connection into and out of the system.
  • Designed for techniques using organic solvents such as reversed phase chromatography, but equally compatible with aqueous solvent systems.
  • Available in six diameters and a variety of lengths.
Complete columns inventory
When you buy a complete SolventPlus column, you will receive:

Column assembly:
A ready-assembled column of -FF, -AF or -AA configuration, comprising a glass tube of the required dimensions and the two end pieces of your choice.

Frit Kit comprising:
  • 2 x 25μm PTFE frits
  • 2 x 10μm PTFE frits
  • 2 x 10μm PE frits

    Fittings Kit comprising:
  • 2m x 1/16" OD PTFE tubing with 1/4-28 UNF fitting (ETFE) at one end
  • 0.5m x 1/16" OD PTFE tubing with 1/4-28 UNF fitting (ETFE) at one end

    Complete Column with 1 x Adjustable & 1 x Fixed Endpiece