1/16" OD PEEK™ Tubing Sleeves

  • For Connecting Capillary Tubing to Standard 10-32 Ports
  • Require the Use of Wrench Tightened Stainless Steel Nuts

Like the NanoTight™ FEP Sleeves, these PEEK Tubing Sleeves are designed to be used with 1/16" OD, 10-32 threaded fittings to adapt capillary tubing to standard coned ports. Made of PEEK polymer, these 1.3" long sleeves can be used up to 125ºC and will hold to 6000 psi (414 bar).

Clockwise, starting at top: 1/16" OD PEEK Tubing Sleeves with F-140 Fitting; 1/32 OD PEEK Tubing Sleeves with F-126H Fitting; 1/32" OD FEP Tubing Sleeves with F-126S Fitting. Fittings and tubing not included.

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