About Western Analytical

Western Analytical Products is a leading supplier of HPLC components and accessories.

About Western Analytical Products, Inc.

Founded in 1976, we continue to provide a high level of technical information and superior product support for the Chromatography Laboratory. We represent a wide variety of manufacturers, and can provide expert guidance for any HPLC application. Please feel free to call us or send us an email if you have any questions.

What makes Western Analytical Products the best choice for HPLC products? 

  1. Excellent Product Support. We have a good technical knowledge of our products and can provide expert advice to help you solve your problem with the right solution.
  2. Best Products. We represent a wide variety of manufacturers and can direct you to the right product to solve your immediate problem.
  3. Fast Shipping. Most often, we ship from Local stock the same day as ordered. Give us a try.
  4. Comprehensive Technical Information. Our 30 years of chromatography experience allows us to provide answers that work.
  5. Online Ordering. Quick and easy or use it to make your own order to print for your purchasing office.