Biocompatible Inline Filters

  • 2 µm and 0.5 µm Versions Available

    Upchurch Scientific A-430 and A-431 Inline Filters consist of a stainless steel body and two PeeK end fittings, one with a built-in 2 µm or 0.5 µm PeeK frit. Both filters are pressure rated to 6,000 psi (414 bar), with maximum recommended flow rates of 25 mL/min for the A-430 Filter and 10 mL/min for the A-431 Filter. And, you get the added benefit of biocompatibility since all wetted surfaces are PeeK. when you need to replace the frit, simply dispose of the end fitting that contains the frit and replace it with a new one. The end fittings have 10-32 female ports to connect 1/16” od or smaller tubing.

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    A-430 , Filter 2µm

    With A-429 End Fitting

    A-431 , Filter 0.5µm

    With A-428 End Fitting