Bottle Cap Plugs and Adapters

Use our A-626 Bottle cap Plug to seal the third “tapered” luer hole found in most Upchurch scientific bottle caps. or, use our A-628 Plug to seal any unused 1/16” or 1/8” bottle cap holes.

Alternatively, try our A-627 or A-629 Filter Bottle cap Plug to cap an unused hole in your cap. The 20 µm stainless steel frit in these products prevents foreign matter from contaminating your solvent while leaving the bottle open to the atmosphere, thus allowing fluid to be pulled out without creating a vacuum (generally not used with sparging applications). All plug bodies are manufactured from ultra- high molecular weight polyethylene (UhmwPe).

Our P-600 Bottle cap Adapter is designed to allow use of 1/32” od tubing with our caps. Just insert the Adapter into a tubing cap hole, then connect your 1/32” od tubing with our F-126s or F-126h microTight® Fitting.

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P-600 , Adapt Body PEEK Btle C...

For 1/8” hole, PEEK to connect 1/32” OD tubing