C-130B , Grd Col 2mm x 2cm

Item Name Grd Col 2mm x 2cm
Material N/A
Kit Includes N/A
2.0 mm ID x 2 cm
  • Easy to Pack
  • Available as a Kit with Funnel and Extra Frits
The C-130B is our most popular guard column. HPLC users find this column easy to pack and extremely economical. This narrow-bore short column creates only a slight pressure increase with virtually no detectable theoretical plate loss when used with a 3 mm ID or larger column. The 2 µm frits are easy to change, prolonging the life of the guard column. With only 62 µL packing volume per guard column, a 3 g bottle of packing material will pack about 30 guard columns.

For convenience, we offer the C-135B kit with two unpacked guard columns and a ten pack of frits. With two guard columns, there is always a back-up available to help eliminate downtime.