Carbon Filters, Adapters and Indicators

Carbon Filters
Reduce odors from solvent waste containers by installing a VaplockTM carbon filter, which may be adapted to a number of low pressure emission sources. Dispose of spent cartridges in accordance with local safety codes.

Color Indicator
A colorimetric change indicator is also available to assist with breakthrough calculation. The indicator will change from orange to dark magenta when exposed to Acetone, Acetonitrile, Chloroform, Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, Methanol, Methylene Chloride, and THF. A color marker label at the top of the indicatorTube, marked “EXPOSED,” shows the approximate color at which the indicator has been fully exposed. Change the filter when the color of the indicator has turned. If the indicator changes to a light yellow color, it designates a prolonged exposure to solvent and should be replaced immediately. 

***Indicators Sold Separately***

Carbon Filter Adapters
VAPLOCK™ EF-100 carbon filters require an adapter for connection to various emission sources. Each filter contains a tapered 1/4” female NPT port; select from the list below to adapt filters to a typical system, or contact your distributor for assistance with any special requirements. Note that filter adapters for Justrite containers are made to fit either stainless steel or Polypropylene quick disconnects, but may not be interchanged. Stainless must connect to stainless, Polypropylene to Polypropylene. Stainless quick disconnect options allow for either a Teflon or Viton O-ring.