CE-005 Column Adapter Kit

  • A 9000 psig conversion kit for the SP-400 base unit
  • Includes sample columns, end fittings, and adapters
  • For fused silica and 1/32" OD PEEKsil™ columns
For those customers who purchased the SP-400 base unit and later require higher packing pressure, the CE-005 High Pressure Column Adapter Kit will convert the 6000 psig capability of the column connections to 9000 psig with liquid media. Includes two CE-003 end fittings with spare SP-092 ferrules and SP-088 frits, sample SP-044 PEEKsil and SP-010 fused silica columns, and TS-015 Adapter Kit for columns with OD smaller than 1/32". A CE-004A High Pressure Column-To-Nanobaume Connection and SP-094 pressure-testing plug are also included.

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High Pressure Column Packing Aadapter Kit, includes sample columns, end fittings and adapters for fused silica,  1/32" and 1/16" OD PEEKSil columns