ColumnSaver™ Precolumn Filters

  • Economical protection for your analytical column
  • Finger tight to 6000 psi (414 bar) without wrenches or other tools
  • Lower dead volume than conventional filters with holders
  • Universal connection compatible with all column manufacturers' fittings
  • Compatibility with stainless steel or PEEK™ tubing
The ColumnSaver precolumn filters offer all the protection of conventional precolumn filters at 1/3 of the cost. With its convenient direct connect design, changeover time is measured in seconds and no tools or wrenches are needed. The ColumnSaver PEEK body contains a HiFlo™ stainless steel or titanium filter element and is designed for maximum filtration of particulate matter with minimal dead volume or backpressure.

The ColumnSaver can also be used as a convenient, fingertight inline filter when used with a 1/16" union. As soon as an increase in backpressure is detected, simply remove and dispose of the ColumnSaver unit and replace it with a new one. The direct-connect design is compatible with 1/16" 10-32 internal fitting ports featured on many standard, high pressure stainless steel unions.

For micro-scale chromatographic applications - where flow rates and samples sizes are significantly reduced from traditional analytical scale chromatography - try our M-550 or M-560 Precolumn MicroFilters.

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