Conical Adapter Assemblies

  • Direct Connect 1/16" and 1/8" OD Rigid and Semi-Rigid Tubing to Peristaltic Tubing
  • Accept 0.020" - 1/8" (0.50 - 3.2 mm) ID Peristaltic Tubing
  • Biocompatible Flowpath with Excellent Chemical Compatibility
Upchurch Scientific® Conical Adapters provide a reliable connection between rigid/semi-rigid tubing and peristaltic-type flexible tubing, such as Tygon® and PharMed®. These adapters are composed of a PEEK™ polymer female nut, our Super Flangeless™ ferrule system and a Tefzel® (ETFE) or PEEK conical adapter body. The narrow coned end of the adapter body allows peristaltic tubing to slide on more easily than it does onto conventional barbed adapters. Peristaltic tubing is also easier to remove from our Conical Adapters, since no cutting or excessive pulling is required.

To help secure peristaltic tubing more firmly to the Upchurch Scientific Conical Adapters, simply attach a cable tie to the outside of the peristaltic tubing once it has been placed onto the Adapter body.

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