Female to Male 10-32 to 1/4-28 English Threaded Adapters

Here are application ideas using two of our popular adapters:

  • Many injection valves used in HPLC systems have 10-32 coned ports designed to accept 1/16" OD tubing. However, this may be a problem if large injection volumes are required (in excess of 10 mL). The most popular loops for large volume samples are made from 1/8" OD tubing, making it impossible to connect these larger volume loops to your injection valve. The solution: use our P-654 Adapter and the appropriate fittings for your sample loop. This set-up allows connection of 1/8" OD sample loop leads to your injection valve.
  • Another potential application is connecting tubing to low-pressure solenoid valves with 1/4-28 flat bottom ports. Most low-pressure valves of this type have very shallow threaded ports, which typically preclude the use of our Flangeless Fittings. However, by first threading our P-671 Adapter into the valve port(s), you can effectively use standard 1/4-28 fittings to connect your tubing into the backside of the adapter body. This also saves "wear and tear" on the threads in the valve ports.
  • When using an adapter with male (external) threads, we recommend you first attach the adapter body into the receiving port, and then connect your tubing and fitting into the head of the adapter body.
  • You may not need an adapter to connect 1/16" OD tubing into your flat-bottom port. A less expensive alternative is to use a Flangeless Nut and Ferrule or a Super Flangeless™ Nut and Ferrule. Our Connections Reference chart is also a good resource to consult when making connections.
  • Find adapters for micro fluidic connections.
F = Female (internal) threads; M = Male (external) threads; XL = extra long.

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