Flangeless Fittings

For Flat-Bottom Ports

Upchurch Scientific® Flangeless Fittings eliminate the need to flange tubing. This removable and reusable system provides several benefits:

Convenience: Our Flangeless Fittings are easy to replace. Just slip the nut and ferrule over the tubing and finger tighten the assembly into your receiving port. In our tests we have shown that the ideal amount of torque to achieve expected part performance should be approximately 3 - 4 in.lbf (0.34 - 0.45 N.m). Check out our new P-291, a special tightening tool designed to adapt to many standard torque wrenches.

Minimal Down-Time: Component replacement is quick, taking only a few seconds - unlike the significant time required to flange tubing.

Cost-Effectiveness: Repairing a flanged tubing assembly requires a costly flanging tool or the purchase of a complete replacement assembly, including a new length of tubing and a set of fittings. The Flangeless Fittings system typically requires only one new ferrule at minimal cost.

Our 1/4-28 Flangeless Fittings for 1/16" and 1/8" OD tubing are summarized. Metric and Large Bore Flangeless Fittings available.