Higgins Analytical

  • Optimized for Protein and Peptide separation/Purification
  • Nonconductive and conductive options
  • Packed and Unpacked columns

    Upchurch scientific capillary sample Trap columns are ideal for separating and concentrating and/or purifying biological samples. The heart of the sample Trap is a fused silica capillary column. Available prepackaged capillary columns include: reversed-phase c18, high-carbon load, 5 µm/300 Å spherical silica, and an scx (strong cation exchange) 5 µm/85 Å material. each column supports a recommended maximum sample loading capacity of approximately 0.1 µg with a capillary bed volume at 0.19 µL or less. Unpacked and conductive column Assemblies are also available.