Inline MicroFilters

  • 100% Biocompatible PEEK Polymer Option Available
  • As Low as 109 nL Void Volume
Upchurch Scientific Inline MicroFilters protect your column from particles originating in the mobile phase or sample, or from pump seal and sample injection valve wear. These filters have a 0.006" (150 µm) thru-hole, and come complete with five PEEK polymer end fittings, each containing a filtering frit. Choose the M-520 with a 0.5 µm 100% PEEK frit or the M-135 1.0 µm stainless steel filtering screen version, with total theoretical void volumes of 240 nL and 109 nL, respectively. Also included are two F-125 Micro Fingertight Fittings, designed to work with our MicroTight Tubing Sleeves and capillary 70-520 µm OD tubing. Replacement PEEK Filter End Fittings are available in 10 packs. These filters are pressure rated to 4000 psi (276 bar).

The Inline MicroFilter can be used to pack capillary tubing. Simply place one of these filters on the effluent side of the capillary tubing, then slurry pack. Once packed, place a filter at the head of the tubing. This creates a reliable capillary column without fusing the silica to make frits or pressing filter paper inside the capillary tubing.

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