Micro, Nano Adapters

MicroTight Adapters

  • Convenient adapters for common 1/16” OD to capillary tubing
  • Direct connect to 1/32” OD or 360 µm OD tubing options available
  • VHP adapter pressure rated to 12,000 psi (828 bar)

Create a true zero dead volume (ZDV) connection between 1/16” OD tubing and capillary tubing with these Upchurch Scientific® MicroTight Adapters.

For Very High Pressure applications – the UH-630 will connect 1/16” OD to 1/32” OD tubing in an inline true ZDV connection with the ability to withstand 12,000 psi (828 bar)! The materials of construction also allow this product to be used up to 200 ºC, which reduces the pressure rating to 8,000 psi (552 bar).