MicroTight Fittings

For Coned Ports

  • For Connecting Capillary Tubing
  • Made from PEEK™ Polymer
Upchurch Scientific® MicroTight One-Piece Fittings are designed for use with some of our NanoPorts™ and our MicroTight Unions, Adapters and Inline MicroFilters. Specifically made for 360 µm OD tubing, 1/32" OD tubing and our MicroTight Tubing Sleeves, these fittings make superior fingertight connections with capillary tubing. MicroTight Fittings withstand temperatures up to 125°C.

The MicroTight family also includes a female nut matched with one of five dedicated ferrules for connecting specific tubing ODs:
F-172 - 70-520 µm OD (with MicroTight Tubing Sleeves)
F-152/F-152BLK - 360 µm OD
F-112 - 1/32" OD
F-132 - 1/16" OD

The OD of each MicroTight Tubing Sleeve is 0.025", with a variety of IDs available to accommodate 70-520 µm OD capillary tubing. Choose the tubing sleeve appropriate for the outer diameter of your capillary tubing by referring to the product listings below. Our MicroTight Connector Kit contains all you need to make most basic capillary connections, at a substantial savings over individually purchased components.

Each 1.25" long sleeve will hold tubing to 4000 psi (276 bar) and can be used at temperatures up to 125°C. MicroTight Fittings that do not require sleeves are rated to 5000 psi (345 bar).

Ferrules are not interchangeable, and must be used with the products for which they are designed.

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