NanoTight™ Fittings

For Coned Ports

  • For Connecting Capillary Tubing to Standard 10-32 Coned Ports
  • 10-32 Fittings and 1/16" OD Sleeves for Capillary Tubing Sizes from 70 µm - 1 mm OD

Upchurch Scientific® NanoTight Fittings and Sleeves are designed to connect 70 µm - 1 mm OD capillary tubing to any standard 10-32 coned port normally intended for 1/16" OD tubing. Select the sleeves appropriate for the OD of your capillary tubing. For instance, choose F-239x for 190 µm OD tubing, F-242x for 360 µm OD tubing, and F-247x for 1/32" OD tubing. Each sleeve is color-coded for easy identification.

The 1.6" long NanoTight Sleeves are manufactured from FEP fluoropolymer and can withstand up to 50ºC and can be finger tightened to hold to 4000 psi (276 bar) when using our NanoTight Fittings. For added convenience, try the NanoTight Kits, which include four F-330N NanoTight Fittings and ten NanoTight Tubing Sleeves.

Select from our expanded line of PEEK™ NanoTight Fittings, featuring several head style and length options. Each 10-pack of nuts includes ten Tefzel® F-142N Ferrules.

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Our Fingertight Ferrule is designed specifically for use with our two-piece fittings. It is offered in both biocompatible PEEK and solvent resistant Tefzel® (ETFE). It has a 10-32 coned port configuration and is for a 1/16" Tubing OD. It is available in natural color PEEK and a natural color 10 Pack, natural color Tefzel (ETFE) and a natural color Tefzel (ETFE) 10 pack.


Our Short NanoTight Fitting offers the best available option for connecting capillary tubing into standard 10-32 threaded, coned ports normally designed for 1/16” OD tubing. When combined with NanoTight® Tubing Sleeves, these fittings work with tubing ODs from 70µm to 1mm. The ferrule is made from softer Tefzel (ETFE) material allowing ease of connection. This also comes in a 10 pack.