NanoTightâ„¢ Y-Connectors

  • Only 17nL of Swept Volume!
This product improves laminar flow over traditional MicroTee designs. The result is less turbulence and mixing when combining two fluid paths into one, or splitting one fluid path into two.

The NanoTight Y Connector uses an included 1.6” long Dual-Lumen Silica SealTight Tubing Sleeve to accommodate two 360µm OD capillary tubing lines. The single inlet/outlet end of the Y Connector uses the included F•242 Silica SealTight Tubing Sleeve, also designed for 360µm OD capillary tubing. This assembly holds to 4,000 psi (276 bar), has a .004” thru-hole, and a swept volume of only 17nL.

The NanoTight Y Connector comes complete with NanoTight Fittings. The body of this product is made of PEEK™ polymer, while both of the included tubing sleeves are made of FEP Teflon®. Replacement Silica SealTight Tubing Sleeves and fittings are available on page 24 — buy F•242 replacement sleeves or choose from the other available sleeves to connect capillary tubing with ODs ranging from 70µm to 1mm. Dual-Lumen F•235 Sleeves are listed on this page.