Precolumn MicroFilters

  • Direct Connects to Most Columns with 10-32 Threads
  • Total Void Volume of 0.5 µL
These Precolumn MicroFilters have 10-32 standard external threads for direct connecting into your microbore or analytical column. Total theoretical void volume is only 0.5 µL (includes frit volume) and the PEEK™ tubing used in the assembly of these units has a 0.005" (125 µm) ID , virtually eliminating any mixing of the sample with the mobile phase. Two types of filter assemblies are available: one for standard 1/16" OD tubing, the other for 70-520 µm OD capillary tubing using our MicroTight® Tubing Sleeves. Each Upchurch Scientific® MicroFilter Assembly comes complete with 0.5 µm replacement stainless steel or PEEK frits, and is pressure rated to 4,000 psi (276 bar).

The components of M-500 and M-510 Precolumn MicroFilters are not interchangeable with those of M-550 and M-560 versions. The components are specific to the OD of the tubing used.

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