Quick Connect Luer Adapters

  • Delrin®, Polypropylene, Tefzel® (ETFE) and PEEK™ Versions
  • 1/4-28, 10-32, 5/16-24 and M6 Threaded Ports
These luer adapters were designed to work in a variety of applications. By connecting any male luer to any female luer, you can create your own quick connect union or adapter. Each Upchurch Scientific® Quick Connect Luer Adapter has a 0.04" (1.0 mm) or a 0.05" (1.3 mm) thru-hole and conforms to ISO requirements for medical luer taper configuration and performance (45 psi/3.1 bar).

Find fittings to connect tubing to the threaded ports of these adapters in the High Pressure (10-32) or Low Pressure (1/4-28, 5/16-24 and M6) chapters.
  • Our A-626 Bottle Cap Plug can be used to plug any of the female luer adapters.
  • To prevent a chemical spill when disconnecting your solvent reservoir tubing from the pump, try our Quick-Stop Luer Check Valve.
  • To economically prime an HPLC pump, simply remove the 10-32 fitting on the outlet check valve (standard on most models), insert a P-642 luer adapter, attach a syringe (such as our B-310) and draw the mobile phase through the pump head.

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