Ultra High Performance Fittings

  • High Temperature Versions Withstand Temperatures up to 200ºC
  • High Pressure Versions Rated to 28800 psi (1930 bar)
  • For Coned and Flat-Bottom Ports
  • SealTight™, LiteTouch® Stainless Steel and Super Flangeless™ versions available
Upchurch Scientific® offers an innovative line of Ultra Performance fittings, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. This line of ground-breaking fitting systems is perfect for use within the increasingly demanding requirements of today's high performance analytical systems.

Innovations in the HPLC market include using smaller column packing materials or higher temperatures to increase resolution and speed of analysis. Our line of Ultra Performance Fittings helps equip HPLC systems in handling these additional system stresses.

The introduction of ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) equipment several years ago re-energized the analytical chromatography market. While greeted with mixed reactions from industry experts, the techniques and equipment have been adopted quickly by analysts world-wide. Now many companies are focusing their efforts to develop innovative products for this rapidly-growing field.

UHPLC is characterized by applications working at pressures higher than 6000 psi (414 bar) or operating above ambient temperatures. Because the hardware used in UHPLC applications can often handle system pressures of 9000 psi (620 bar) or more, chromatographers can use columns packed with more advanced stationary phases, where the particles are much smaller than the traditional 5 µm diameter silica. The use of the smaller particle stationary phases serves to improve the achieved resolution and decrease overall run time. Because some systems and some after-market accessories (e.g., inline column heaters) allow precise temperature control even at elevated levels, chromatographers can experience such benefits as decreased fluid viscosity, more consistent sample analyses, and faster run times.

However, with these benefits come additional equipment stresses. Because of the added stresses on the equipment and hardware used in UHPLC, it is crucial to the success of your analyses that you use high performance accessories in these applications. Chemical compatibility, high temperature ratings, and overall physical strength are all important characteristics that should be considered. If incorrect materials or components are selected, it could lead to a premature failure of key fluidic connections in your system and the loss of important samples and data. As an added benefit, most components and equipment designed for use in UHPLC applications will also work quite well in standard analytical techniques, making these products a good choice for most standard system connections.