Upchurch Scientific® / Rheodyne® Valves

  • For Mass Spec Electrospray Applications
Try the Upchurch Scientific Conductive Perfluoroelastomer Ferrule in your electrospray applications. Unlike most graphite ferrules, the elastomeric properties of this ferrule let you use it through many tightening/retightening cycles. It also eliminates any possibility of graphite contamination in your system. The robust qualities of perfluoroelastomer allow the ferrule to be used at temperatures from -15ºC to 260ºC.

Connect 360 µm OD fused silica or PEEK™ polymer tubing into any standard 10-32 coned port designed for 1/16" OD tubing with this ferrule. Like graphite ferrules, you can apply voltage through a metallic port block or metallic nut, allowing voltage to translate to the flow path through the ferrule.

Use the Conductive Perfluoroelastomer Ferrule with any of the Fingertight Nuts or NanoTight Nuts.

For aternative ways to introduce voltage to flowstream in micro and nanoscale applications. Conductive MicroTight® Union, Conductive Mini MicroFilters and Conductive Capillary Sample Trap Columns available.

The nuts can be ordered separately - please contact us for pricing.

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