Solvent Waste and Vapor Containment Products

Vaplock is the solution Designed to minimize leaks, spills, and vapor escape from HPLC solvent waste containers and reagent vessels, Vaplock Closed Systems greatly reduces exposure to harmful chemicals in the laboratory environment. Engineered with ease of use and adaptability in mind, Vaplock will conform to a broad array of lab equipment, solvent containers and tubing sizes.
1. Anti-twist solvent safety bottle caps reduce chemical evaporation and exposure to hazardous vapors. Combine with Vaplock air inlet or relief valves to maintain pressure equilibrium within the bottle.

2. Tubing adapters create a liquid-tight connection and plugs seal unused manifold and cap ports.

3. Manifold cap for collection containment allow greater evaporation control and reduce exposure to hazardous vapors.

4. Exhaust filter mitigates health hazards, reduces chemical emissions and odors from solvent containers.

5. Breakthrough color indicators to determine longevity and establish a replacement schedule.

6. Adapters for versatile exhaust filter configuration.